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Themes mill and CodeIgniter-PHP Framework

Themes mill is a well-reputed and competent PHP development service company with years of experience and industrious staff. We have accomplished numerous projects by using CodeIgniter- PHP framework. From the very beginning of the website till its final and functional form, our PHP developers ensure to pay attention to every detail, ensuring customized solutions that precisely meet the customer-specific needs.  With stringent adherence to industry standards, we aim to offer the best solutions to our clients that help them bolster their market position.

But why PHP?

PHP is an extremely flexible solution for web development because it has the capacity to develop a whole range of custom software solutions for your business. Ever since its origin, PHP has proven to be a great source of assistance for Content Management Systems, CRM and ERP solutions, eCommerce platforms (such as WooCommerce or Magento), APIs, small and robust desktop apps or websites of any size – and for much, much more.

Brief introduction to CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework and it has the following specifications:

Pre-developed functionality

There is a variety of pre-developed functionality. It can be used by a programmer while developing an application. For example, database access, working with URLs, sessions, security, cookies and much more are all there for your use. This is a huge timesaver.

By default settings

CodeIgniter imposes a structure on development. Sometimes particular files are placed in a specific place. Naming conventions are imposed too. Therefore, by having some of the decisions made for the user gives the ability to focus on the things that really matter like the functionality of the application.

Assists new PHP developers

If you are new to PHP, CodeIgniter gives you an additional benefit. It imposes a structure and gives tons of prewritten functionality. For this, a user needs less knowledge base to be effective.

Therefore, by using CodeIgniter as the PHP framework for developing a website can be quite productive.


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