The rear pocket has been the conventional beholder of our bulky wallets. Since dawn to dusk, this pocket has carried the weight of the wallet in which we have inserted every possible essential. But as much as we agree with the sustenance of the ear pocket to bear with the bulk, we also would agree that it is a very disturbing and annoying way of carrying one’s wallet. It not only looks weird to have a big hunk protruding out from your back pocket but is also unsafe. There has been an abundance of cases where wallets have been stripped off from the back pocket. Moreover, if you have been lucky to keep your wallet safe from pickpockets, by the time the sun sets, you will probably end up with a sore back.

Let’s have a bit of scientific review

Carrying the wallet in your rear wallet might be a conventional method that you are used to but science stands against it. Yes, you read that right! Carrying your wallet in the rear pocket is among the most common reasons for people to have backache. Sitting on your wallet throughout the day creates an imbalance that puts stress on your hip joint and lower back. Eventually, due to the consistent compression of the sciatic nerve one ends up with a sore back. It has been proven medically that sitting on your wallet is a terrible idea.

Front Pocket Wallets to the rescue

Trayvax front pocket wallets: Machined and Refined

Trayvax front pocket wallets

It might sound weird to you but yes, it is high time now that we put those front pockets to some use. Having a bulge in your front pocket due to your wallet would ruin that professional attire look. Well, stay put! Trayvax brings to you a versatile wallet that is slim, lightweight, and can easily slide into your front pocket.

No more pickpocket sport

The Trayvax slim metal wallets for men not only rescue you from that sore back but also keeps you safe from getting pickpocketed. It takes a whole level of skill and effort for a pickpocket to steal your wallet out of the front pocket. For further security, many wallets have RFID protection as well.

Choose your slim wallet style partner

Slim front pocket wallets

The front pocket wallets need to be easily accessible and slim enough to easily slide into your front pocket without forming a bulge. This rules out our conventional wallets to be used. Hence, front pocket wallets have been designed to support a minimalist and slim functional shape which is much similar to the Trayvax Contour wallets.

Metal Front Pocket wallets

Many front pocket wallets have metallic hardware. The metallic plates act as a shield for the contents and give the wallet a compact shape so that it can easily slide into the front pocket. Trayvax utilizes the combination of anodized aluminum and cold-rolled steel to offer maximum protection for cards and cash.

Leather front pocket wallet

For those who cannot unhinge themselves from the traditional leather wallets, Trayvax has something to offer you as well. It has taken a modern spin on the traditional leather wallet with its Element line. This range of wallets is slim enough to slide into your front pocket and has the traditional leather outerwear to give a sense of familiarity.

RFID- blocking front pocket wallets

Many front pocket wallets nowadays have RFID protection incorporated into them. A classic product of this technology is the Trayvax Armored Summit. It has a steel plate on both sides to keep your wallet safe from RFID-skimming thieves.

Front pocket wallets have been designed thoughtfully to look out for your backaches, cut out the bulk, and enhance protection. Now, these are some great features. You would be kidding yourself if you don’t want them all and that too in a single pr

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