A review of new and popular PHP frameworks for beginners

This review to some of the newly created and most popular PHP frameworks allows developers to decide which one is worth learning. Undoubtedly, it creates better understanding of using them for web development projects.

Yii 2

The review of this PHP program will illuminate that it is a high-performance PHP framework. Yii2 equips its users to quickly develop a program.

The properties of Yii 2 are to design small, medium, and large projects. These include of blogs, corporate websites, online shops, portals, CMS systems, RESTfulprograms, and more. Furthermore, the benefits of this framework include:

  • Like most PHP frameworks, Yii uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern.
  • Yii is a full-stack framework that includes a large number of ready-made and tested tools, systems, and codes for ActiveRecord SQL and NoSQL database systems, RESTful API, multi-level caching support, and more.
  • Yii is easy to upgrade. You can write your own modules or extensions and extend the framework’s functionality.
  • One of the distinguishing features is its high performance, although Yii is quite a massive framework.
  • This framework has a code generation module called Gii, which speeds up project development.

Zend Framework 3

Our second review is of Zend framework. This, however, has been reformed as Laminas. Also, like many functional PHP frameworks, it is free of cost. Thus, the company is currently engaged in the development of PHP programming language.

This framework has a lot of functionality and can also be used for academic code writing. Zend is an MVC/OOP (Object-oriented Programming) framework, which is used in larger projects.

However, in order to install Zend, your server must have PHP version 5.6 or higher.

PSR – The second version of this framework complies with PSR-2.

CakePHP 4 Strawberry

The last in our review is CakePHP 4 Strawberry. This PHP template includes coding system that can develop a program quite quickly. Moreover, the MVCtemplate is available in this framework.

CakePHP is an OOP framework, which has quite a lot of functionality, operates fast, and offers great efficiency.

Installation – To use CakePHP, you may need to have PHP 7.2 or higher. You can install this framework via composer. Secondly, after the installation, you get a ready structure and can build your web app based on it. The installation is usually simple and fast.

Flexibility – This framework allows you to extend its functionality. New modules and plug-ins can be installed via composer.

PSR compatibility – The fourth version of this framework matches PSR-7.

It is worth mentioning in the review that CakePHP 4 had major refactoring and a lot of new improvements introduced in its framework design, speed, and API. Its latest update makes it quite flexible and efficient than the ones launched before. However, its development is very slow.

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