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WordPress is a name everyone is familiar with. It’s a name people trust and prefer over any other CMS on the internet. As much as 74,652,825 websites are there, depending on WordPress and the number is increasing by the minute. Amidst countless services of WordPress, WordPress themes are the one most commendable. Every day many new websites occupy a small space into infinity named the internet and most of them are due to the services of WordPress themes. The themes provided by WordPress are easy to manage by anyone. They are easy to navigate through by the visitors. Most of the beginners and amateurs prefer WordPress as the number one preference to start out their blogs. Around 48% of blogs are hosted through WordPress website and that is a lot.

Why is WordPress so popular?

The main reason behind this massive popularity of WordPress is its large range of themes that can be divided into hundred more categories depending upon the type, kind, and purpose of the theme. The main thing that differentiates between them is the premium and free kinds of themes. Free themes are great but might be lacking in some departments as they are developed by inexperienced developers and are offered up for free, whereas premium themes are mostly developed by experienced highly skilled experts who know what they are doing. Premium themes don’t only have a price tag, but it has many countless more exciting features that can increase your productivity by twofold.

WordPress themes are a life saviour

Ever wondered that how many themes are available on WordPress ready for instant installation? Well, brace yourself because if you are thinking of getting a theme for your website and you are yet to choose; you have got almost 10,000 WordPress themes as options, whew! Going through all 10,000 of themes and selecting the best one for your website sounds like tough job so good luck!

Wordpress Themes

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