History builds custom WordPress themes that are beautiful, modern and responsive. Team at has years of software design and development experience. We are in business since 2001. We started working with WordPress when it was launched years ago and was still competing with other blogging platforms at that time, for example, blogger, typepad, movabletype and several others that do not even exist anymore. WordPress slowly gained popularity, left all other blogging platforms behind and became the ultimate choice for bloggers. Later when WordPress transformed into a website platform, a new market for themes came into existence. Slowly companies started building and selling custom themes. It became a profitable business. Since we were already in the software development industry and clients started asking for custom designs, we started building themes. We have built hundreds of custom designs and themes for WordPress sites for our clients across the globe. We wanted to utilize our experience and contribute to the emerging market of WordPress themes. Custom WordPress themes had always been part of our services offering but then we decided to sell themes as a product thus was born.

Solving Website Design Problems With WordPress Themes

When it comes to designs and themes, there is a huge demand for it. So what problems do WordPress themes solve? To understand the answer, you must first understand why WordPress is the ultimate choice for people who need a website. Traditional HTML websites were difficult to maintain and manage, especially for non-techies. They had to rely on design companies or individual designers. They were dependent on designers even for minor changes. Designers charged huge amounts of money for making changes or maintaining the site. With WordPress, users now save money. Users don’t have to go to the designers to make simple text changes to the site. Users can create pages, add content, and make changes whenever they want. This saves users lot of money.
What is a theme? In simple words, a theme allows you to change the look and feel of your site without writing a single line of code. Just like in traditional HTML sites where the focus was always on the design and visual appeal of the site, in WordPress the focus is on the design of the site and themes allow users to change the design of the site easily and quickly. In recent times, themes have become much more powerful and provide extra functionality to spice up your website.

We are driven to deliver was born out of a desire to offer beautiful, professional and responsive themes to the users. There are more users surfing the web on mobile devices now than the desktop users thus making it important for the themes to be responsive. Making responsive themes is an art. Responsive design is like water. Just like water, responsive design automatically resizes itself when displayed on different

Our Values

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A Themes platform unlike any other

By now, you probably have a sense of who we are. Here’s who we are NOT. We only sell themes built by our in-house expert developers. We follow stringent quality control processes and test our themes thoroughly before bringing them to the market. We do not sell themes built by others. Every theme sold on our site is an original theme. is a proven, premier themes selling site. We are pleased to offer amazing themes to our clients. Sign up for an account and subscribe to our newsletter. We will send you free updates when they are available for the themes you purchase.