Get Google Analytics WordPress To Increase Your Productivity

Google Analytics WordPress

Google analytics is one of the most favorite tools for WordPress users. With integrated Google analytics to the WordPress website, you become aware of all the traffic of your website. Themesmill help you track the virtual traffic of your website in real time. Google analytics WordPress is a great tool that yields immense power if used correctly. You can get a complete report of your website right there on the WordPress dashboard.

Bloggers and e-store like to get their statistics straight. Knowledge holds great power, so getting knowledge about your website is a must. It helps you track the performance of your website by showing complete data of clicks, page visits, views etc. Google analytics WordPress also shows the exact traffic of visitors in real-time with source details attached. It’s good to know the statistics of your website if you wish to expand it further. Top three tasks’ that can be achieved by getting a Google analytics plugin include;

•    Real-time number of visitors
•    Real-time acquisition channels
•    Real-time traffic sources details

Themesmill installs the Google analytics WordPress plugin into any website you require. Our experts install the Google analytic plugin for WordPress by using clean codes while the original core code of the website remains untouched.  We recommend every blogger and businessman to get Google analytics plugin for your website today, to track the performance of their website. Not just tracking, but this plugin comes with many cool features that can improve the productivity of your website.

Though easy available, you cannot install this plugin without proper guidance and support. Themesmill is presenting every business owner, blogger, and entrepreneur with the opportunity to acquire our services. We value our customers and take their wish as commands. Our experts are skillful and highly experienced; they take the job at hand very seriously.

Google analytics WordPress holds a plethora of functions and productivity. The great news is our rates are very affordable and cheap. We provide maximum quality at a minimum rate, that’s one more reason for selecting us.

Google Analytics WordPress