5 most iconic ideas to practically apply PHP development

Interesting PHP Project ideas

It gets overwhelming for fresh PHP developers when they steps foot into the practical world. It becomes difficult to gather ideas that can give them a headstart for developing. This article outlines a few very basic yet interesting PHP projects. They are a good option for final year students and freshers to get a lead in PHP. Therefore, the following list is best suited for beginners. Intermediates and experts can also seek base level ideas to incorporate them into something big. These PHP ideas will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career as a PHP developer.

Clothes Recommendation System

This is one of the best ideas to train yourself in PHP development. In this project, you’ll use PHP to build a recommendation system for an online clothing store. Your project can contain functionalities like data of clients previous purchase. The products in their wish list, and the product they looked at are also good features. They can be used to recommend them related products. You can use collaborative filtering to provide accurate and efficient recommendations because it can identify similarities between users.

Such recommendation systems are quite popular among E-commerce stores. The most efficient and powerful recommendation system is Amazon’s. You can take a look at their system to get inspiration for this project.

Predict Movie Success through Data Mining

Everyone likes to critically review movies, right? Well, here is an idea to predict the success of a particular movie. This can be done not by magic but PHP!

To begin with, you can use historical data of different constituents of the movie, such as its actors, producer, genre, and music. You can also take various factors that influence the success of a film into account, for example, what other movies are coming with the movie in question? Is the movie releasing near a holiday? These are crucial factors that play a massive role in determining the success of a movie in the box office.

Fake Review Identification

Fake reviews can create a havoc for any platform. For example, many sellers had added fake positive reviews on Amazon because positive reviews help in generating more sales for a product. Amazon has implemented many measures to mitigate counterfeit reviews on its platform, but you can understand what a huge problem this is.

You can build a fake review identifying system by using PHP. Your system can focus on user IDs to see if the same user profile has given multiple reviews on different products in the same tone and wordings. You can also add a few keywords in your system to help it identify fake reviews.

Portal for Doctors

So, why not use your skills to develop an impressive PHP project based on healthcare?  PHP has many capabilities, and in this project, you’ll get to use them. You can build a portal for doctors and patients where they can interact. Patients can book appointments on the portal according to their schedule and the available timings of the doctors. This is one of the interesting PHP projects.

This portal can reduce a lot of hassle from the appointment booking process and enhance its efficiency. Doctors would also have the benefit of managing their various appointments on the portal quickly. The system would display available slots to the patients, and they can select which one they want to choose.

Product Rating System According to Customer Reviews

You must’ve seen product rating systems on prominent E-commerce platforms. These systems reflect the average rating of the customer reviews to help a visitor understand the popular opinion on a product (or service). It’s a great solution to enhance customer experience while allowing the organization to know how they can serve them better.

Your rating system would need an algorithm to track all the customer reviews and manage them. You can mine and match specific keywords present in customer reviews to your database for opinion mining.

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