Classic mistakes that PHP developers can make while drafting web applications

A lot of classic mistakes can be made while drafting PHP based websites. For starters, you may find this list a bit exhaustive. However, it points out some of the most classic mistakes made by PHP development companies.

Classic mistakes of PHP developers

Focusing on wrong end-users

This is a classic error! Consumers tend to have a pivotal role in the success or failure of your PHP based web store. They are marionettes who control (on their preferences) what types of goods and services will be delivered in the market. Different locations call for different products based on the kind of clients available. Therefore, before jumping to any conclusion, ensure that you understand your location very well. Also, the type of customers you intend to provide services to.

Error reporting disable

Inexperienced PHP developers often make this classic mistake. They get annoyed as soon as a PHP error shows up on the web. So, what they do is simply disable the error keeping it on their local system to debug codes and report the same in production. This is a huge mistake. The user won’t find it in case if the error occurs in production, but this also means that the programmer won’t be able to find that something is wrong either.

Ignoring support and communication

Another classic error committed by most PHP development companies around is the imperfect communication channel. Being one of the core elements to succeed, programmers do end up being miscommunicated which must be avoided at any cost. Imagine yourself being stuck in a PHP project for days, weeks, and months where neither you nor the development company will be able to come up with a relevant solution. Would you like to deal with a company where there is no one to talk for days even after you drop an email or skype message? Probably not!

Not examining past works well enough

This classic error makes a developer victim of downfall in his career. Inarguably, you have to judge the work of potential PHP development service providers before choosing them. Let us assume that you do have some know-how about certain skills required for the job so you judge the previous work solely on aesthetic merit.

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