The Knowledge You Need to Have Before Using a PHP Framework

PHP and some basic knowledge

One of the very first things you should understand prior to using a PHP framework is PHP itself. It wouldn’t be of great help if you lack knowledge about the programming language. It will be a struggle to choose a framework because most of them run with PHP version 7.2 or later.

Following are some links to articles which can help you to develop sound know about the programming language:

Applications of PHP

PHP applications are must to have a clear knowledge about the required on the frontend and backend.

Object oriented PHP is also of importance since many of the PHP frameworks are object oriented. Before you jump into any programming activities, be sure to have knowledge about classes, objects, inheritance, methods, traits, and access modifiers.

PHP databases

Many web applications connect with a database. Therefore, understanding about databases and SQL syntax is also very important. However, every PHP framework has a different list of databases it connects with.

Understanding an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) model is useful. ORM is a method of accessing database data using object-oriented syntax instead of using SQL. This means you can write your database queries in familiar PHP, although there may be times where you want to use SQL.

Many PHP frameworks have their own ORM built-in. For example, Laravel uses the Eloquent ORM. Others use an open source ORM like Doctrine.

Model View Controller architecture

PHP frameworks usually follow the Model w Controller (MVC) design style. This concept makes it distinctive and prevents manipulation of data from its presentation.

The Model stores the business logic and application data. It passes data to the View, the presentation layer. The User interacts with the View and can input instructions via the Controller. The Controller gives these commands to the Model, and the cycle continues.

In a nutshell, the Model is about data, the View is about appearance and the Controller is about behavior.

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