PHP and MySQL: A power packed combo to boost web applications!

PHP is a globally used programming language that can be utilised to develop dynamic web content and applications. PHP and MySQL just should be introduced on the web server that will have the web application and customer applications can get to the server assets by means of internet browsers.

What is MySQL?

In basic terms, MySQL is an executive framework database. There are numerous benefits which tempt a web developer to fabricate databases as a foundational part of a website. Email records, online journals, and board frameworks are part of the extensive web uses of MySQL. Therefore, when PHP and MySQL is combined, it creates a rich web application.


PHP and MySQL are both open source and allowed to access freely. Thus, such properties makes it a best solution that web developers seek to make web applications. However, as much as similar, PHP and MySQL are also distinct. Much the same as MySQL has worked in capacities for information controls, so does PHP has worked in capacities for interfacing with MySQL server and controlling the information in the database.

 Why is PHP important?

Even though, the web developing market has introduced various new programming languages, PHP is important. PHP is open source and can be accessed with subscription. Secondly, it can also be downloaded. Also, there are several bundles available which have MySQL and PHP among others. This is additionally amazingly free. This settles on PHP a practical decision contrasted with other scripting dialects, for example, CFML or ASP.

Some other advantages

In addition, PHP is a server side scripting dialect. Hence, it implies that one just need to need to introduce it on the server and customer PCs asking for the assets from the server don’t need PHP introduced; just an internet browser would be sufficient.

PHP additionally has in fabricated help for working connected at the hip with MySQL; this doesn’t mean you can’t utilize PHP with other database the board frameworks.

Here’s a glance at only a couple of the well-known web goals that are built utilizing PHP and MySQL web improvement:

  • Facebook
  • Word Press
  • Yahoo!
  • Flickr
  • Wikipedia


This is one of the most incredible open source database that programmers have stumbled upon. It can fulfil the requirements of customer server applications and can be made more functional by merging with PHP. PHP and MySQL is a universally useful scripting dialect that can be utilized to create customer applications that keep running over MySQL databases.

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