7 Reasons Why PHP is Best Choice for Web Development Project

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Modern businesses are not confined to any boundary thanks to websites that they use to reach any part of the world. Having a website has become important for any business to ensure its growth and to stay competitive. Choosing the right technology partner is the first step in making a successful website. Lots of technologies and methods have been devised in the past few years to develop websites but PHP has emerged as the topmost technology for this.

Therefore, it is a premier choice for developing websites and web apps. Indeed it rules the web world with almost 79% of websites that utilise a server are using PHP. And, it is the prime underlying technology in lots of content management systems in the market today. PHP website development is a popular choice for lots of businesses.

What is PHP and what makes it so popular?

PHP which is an acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source and free server-side language. It is a general-purpose language that is developed and maintained by a huge community. PHP is all about handing the back-end side or the server-side of a website or web application architecture. Consequently, PHP code gets executed on the server and the client-side only gets the plain HTML code that is displayed to the users by a web browser.

PHP can load data from a server and put it into the HTML DOM but it doesn’t have much control over HTML like JavaScript. It can be used to connect to different databases, apply scripts to HTML, start sessions, and perform many other tasks.

Moreover, you can do a lot of things with PHP and create compelling web applications. And, this is the prime reason for the popularity of this server-side scripting language.

PHP is widely used for:

  • Add/modify database information.
  • Create dynamic content.
  • Create, write, open, delete, read, and close files on a server.
  • Send or receive cookies.
  • Collect data from forms.
  • Perform data encryption
  • PHP not only generates HTML output but it can also generate output as PDF, XML, Flash, and other files.

So, PHP can be the right way to develop a perfect website depending on your needs and requirements. To create an unrivaled website for your business, you can easily hire PHP developer. You can check out how PHP is influencing modern businesses today to get a better insight into how PHP is fruitful for web development for enterprises.

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