WordPress development to create a robust website

WordPress is an amazing open-source platform for developers. It is one of the easiest and most popular means to develop creative content. WordPress development is defined as building and maintaining WordPress based websites.

There are 1.3 billion websites on the internet. Out of these, 708 million sites are based on WordPress. The platform has a ratio of 2 million downloads every year. However, developers are expecting its popularity ratio to increase in the coming years.


Who is a WordPress Developer?

WordPress Development enables developers to create stunning websites

WordPress Development helps developers create quality websites

Source: https://www.turing.com/blog/why-choose-wordpress-development-for-your-business/

WordPress development is carried out by people who have specialised in designing and implementing websites. The websites can be for businesses, industries, institutions etc. Thus, for WordPress development, one needs to have thorough knowledge of it. Henceforth, the infrastructure and ecosystem of this platform should be on their fingertips. Moreover, they should make efforts on improving the software or developing new products — WordPress themes and plugins.

Although, it is common knowledge that WordPress development doesn’t require coding knowledge. However, WordPress developers need to have expert knowledge of building a robust WordPress site to power a business’s needs.

Advantages of WordPress Development

Advantages of WordPress Development

Benefits of WordPress Development

Source: https://www.turing.com/blog/why-choose-wordpress-development-for-your-business/

  1. Ease of use. WordPress is simple to install, use, and manage. While WordPress utilizes several coding languages to build the core platform, you don’t need extensive coding knowledge to work with this platform.
  2. Free. The software is available for free on WordPress.org. However, you do need to pay to purchase a domain name and web hosting.
  3. Flexible. You can create a variety of websites with WordPress development.
  4. Open-source software. No individual company or entity owns WordPress. And thus, it’s available for everyone to use.
  5. SEO. WordPress makes search engine optimization simple. Businesses can insert header tags and keywords into their website with minimal effort. In addition, it offers several plugins like Yoast SEO that help keep your SEO initiatives in check.
  6. Extensible. Developers all over the world world collaborate and contribute to improve the functional features of this platform. These community contributors constantly alter the platform’s landscape and boost its performance. Also, developers can choose from the sea of theme and plugin options available to them or build their custom themes and plugins.
  7. Customizable. WordPress development themes are generally customizable. So, when you work with more advanced WordPress themes, they operate more like page builders and give developers complete control over the website layout and design.

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