Free IT Business Website Template

Today I am gonna present a new template called “Free IT Business Website Template”. The template is absolutely free and now available for downloading on our site. Demo is available here:

Free IT Business Website Template

It’s a premium template of very high quality. Premium or high quality does not mean amalgamation of tons of features. That is usually very confusing for the users and actually it takes more time to customize such template because you remove on section and it destroys the template. You have to do more work in order to make it work. So we have kept it very simple. It has clean readable code using modular approach. All CSS is in a separate folder. Images folder is separate. Javascript is separate. Just plug-in your images and you are all set. This is how a template should be. No one has time to struggle with template customization. I understand if you had time, you would have built something from scratch. Right? So what is the purpose of a template then? Exactly! Template should be easy to setup.

A few words about the template:

It has a modern look perfect for your online IT shop. Use it sell software products or services. By the it is a multi-purpose design. You can use it for other businesses as well.

-Animated background
-Beautiful Typography
-Crisp fonts
-Animated Icons in services section
-Responsive design that works on desktops and mobiles
-Testimonials sections with photos
-Contact form
-Minified Javascript and CSS for faster loading and top performance
-and above all It is FREE!

Free IT Business Website Template

How does a beautiful website make a difference? There are billions of websites online. Do you think all websites have professional design? Of course Not! Most of these websites have poor design. What surprises me most is that even some business websites and so-called professional websites have extremely poor design. They are still in business because of the brick and mortar stores. Now just image only if they had a good professional website, what kind of effect it would have on their business but they don’t understand. Some people refuse to change with times and that is the problem. Assuming you are starting with a fresh idea, it makes complete sense to start on the right foot. How does it help? Read this: We recently conducted a survey and asked 600 of our clients about the ROI they generated after we built them a professional website. Over 500 business owners reported specific increases in their incomes as a result of having a professional web design. Many reported net gains of $10,000.00 to $25,000.00. Once it’s been repeated 500 times, it’s no accident – it’s a proven system you can use, too. Its cost? FREE! Since there is no investment on your part, and you are able to generate even $1000.00 that represents a 1000% return on your $0 investment!

What excuse do you make when asked for your website address and you haven’t got one?

Can you afford to appear “behind the times” to your clients, customers, vendors, and associates? Even if you have a website and it doesn’t have a professional look and feel, what use is that website!

Benefits of a business website:

1. Get leads
2. Convert prospects into customers
3. Grow your business with online advertising
4. Your website is your modern-day visiting card that everyone has access to
5. Showcase your services and/or products
6. Write a blog to promote your services/products
7. Reach millions of users via mobile. Yes this template works on mobiles and tablets!
8. Get in touch with prospects in real time (using Google Analytics or live chat). Ask us for help if you need a live chat snippet.

Download Free Business Website Template

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