Real Estate Template

Lot of people work in the real estate industry. There are big firms in this business but there is a big cottage industry affiliated with this business. People work from homes. Many people work as part timers. They sell houses, rent houses, etc. Most of these people rely on Internet marketing to reach potential customers. Some realtors have websites but most part timers still do not understand the value of having a website. A well designed website can increase your income by 200% and if you spend time on your website and add meaningful content, tips for buyers, etc you can further boost your income and become successful in this competitive industry. Where do you start? If you are a small business owner, your best bet is start with a website template. When you have achieved a certain level of success, then you further spice up your site with customizations and increase your sales.

Well, is happy to announce a clean professional template for realty business. The demo is uploaded here:

Real estate template

Real Estate Web Template

Real Estate Web Design

This is not an official launch of the template but I just wanted to give readers a sneak view of the design. This will be available as WordPress theme as well. Are you interested? Contact us for details. If you want to make this design yours before it goes to the market, let us know. We will add your branding and its yours.

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