Laravel or Drupal 8: Which one is better to meet PHP development demands in 2022?

What does Drupal 8 do that Laravel does not?
What are the key key functionalities, that are present in Drupal 8, does a PHP developer have to build from scratch in Laravel? Also, will it benefit in any way to opt for Laravel? In short: Laravel or Drupal 8?

Well according to some it’s like comparing North pole to South pole! This is because one is a framework and the other one a CMS.

Even so, if it’s unclear to you what are their particular use cases and their built-in features, you won’t know whether it’s a CMS or a framework that best suits your project type, right? That best serves your project-specific needs:

Drupal 8: Top Benefits 

Drupal 8 is the smartest choice if you are a robust user and content management system is critical for your project. After all, it’s the specialty of Drupal 8 and it will definitely take a whole lot more time to do in Laravel.

Moreover, it’s not just about the swiftness and robustness of Drupal 8. The level of convenience that it provides is so remarkable. In addition, a lot of the essential features and functionalities that you might need are already built-in.

Moreover, you can easily manage them and custom-tune them via your admin interface…

By comparison, you’d need to build these functionalities, from the ground up, if you chose to go with Laravel.

Top benefits:

  • you can rest assured that your website runs on a particularly robust, Symfony-based CMS
  • there’s a huge, dedicated community backing it up
  • you get to create various content types, for different parts of your website, assigned with different roles; unlike basic CMSs, that enable you to write… posts and to create new web pages
  • you can set up different editorial workflows and assign specific user roles, with fine-grained access control
  • you can always further extend its CMS-specific functionalities: extensibility is one of the strongest Drupal 8 benefits

Laravel: Project Types that It’s Best Suited For

Laravel stands out as a highly reputed, powerful PHP framework. However, it comes with some conditions like:

  • It’s well maintained
  • you’re looking for a robust framework
  • your project needs to be carried out urgently
  • you need a framework that ships with all the latest functionalities

… then Laravel is what you need.

Top Benefits:

  • a fast-growing, devoted community
  • you can easily integrate LDAP authentication
  • it leverages the Model-View-Controller architecture
  • it’s just… fast
  • provides you with a great admin user interfaces
  • it “spoils” you with intiutive, beautifully written code
  • it ships with a heavy “toolbox”: scan through and pick the most suitable one(s) for your project
  • in-built code for social login and sending out emails
  • everything you might need to set up during the development process is right there, already integrated into your code: cron jobs, database queries, routes…

So… Laravel or Drupal 8? 

Now, I’m sure that you already anticipate my answer:

The choice depends strictly on your project requirement and objectives.

Secondly, it also depends on the framework you’re comfortable to work with. Henceforth, depending on these key aspects, that should be clearly defined, one technology will benefit you over the other.

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