Laravel framework is here to develop functional and modern websites

Open-source PHP framework There are numerous open-source PHP frameworks available and Laravel framework is one of them. However, users have experienced glitches while working with them. Therefore, Laravel framework is free of any functionality problems due to which users feel comfortable while using it as a PHP development framework. Why choose Laravel framework? Let’s have a[…]

A comprehensive comparison between Laravel & Symfony

When it comes to web development PHP frameworks are the most frequently chosen solution. You can find many PHP frameworks in the market, but Laravel & Symfony are the most popular of this kind through web developers. Laravel & Symfony – basics information about both frameworks Laravel is an open-source framework that follows a model-view-controller[…]

Laravel framework: A Highlight of new PHP development trends

Laravel is one of the infamous PHP frameworks. It has been successful to surpass many frameworks by an order of magnitude. In addition, it is open-source too. Also, the framework is specifically designed for creating web apps. The Laravel framework accomplishes this with a powerful system of built-in features and an intricate host of libraries.[…]

Laravel or Drupal 8: Which one is better to meet PHP development demands in 2022?

What does Drupal 8 do that Laravel does not? What are the key key functionalities, that are present in Drupal 8, does a PHP developer have to build from scratch in Laravel? Also, will it benefit in any way to opt for Laravel? In short: Laravel or Drupal 8? Well according to some it’s like[…]