Are you surfing the internet to choose the perfect gift for your favorite man? This three minutes read can help you a lot in that! This year go ahead and buy him the extremely stylish yet functional metal wallets by Trayvax. Trust us! This gift is going to his go-to partner in the long run. The Men’s Metal Wallets are here not only to serve as means to carry essentials like money and ID but also to make a style statement. With its endurable, hard-wearing metallic design, the wallets become a perfect blend of form and function.

Metal wallets are the product of innovation and style

Exquisite Metal Wallets For Men | Wallet men, Metal, Wallet

Exquisite Men’s Metal wallet

Professional men have always been known for their exclusive and sophisticated fashion sense. That is why metal wallets like Element and Armoured Summit complement their lifestyle a lot. the use of minimalist metal wallets allows the user to take pride in their fashion sense. Unlike women, men carry minimum accessories and wallet has always been an identity of their personality and charm. That is why minimalist wallets are an ultimate amalgamation of carrying indispensable stuff with style and elegance.

Men’s Metal wallets for the fast paced life

Metal wallets fulfil the need to have a captivating luxury accessory with an understated and practical design making. This makes them the ultimate need of a man. The functional properties of a sleek and stylish minimalist wallet are to hold cards, flat bills, and of course to show off one’s taste in fashion. Men’s metal wallets can hold a maximum of 18 cards. Along with that Trayvax has ensured that the wallets are durable and convenient for everyday use.

Customized metal wallets

You can also have them customized or choose your favorite color like royal blue, mahogany, black, etc. which enhances the style statement of this accessory. Every engraved wallet is laser etched by a member of our production team. Whether you want to have your name inscribed, contact information or personalize a gift with a heartfelt message or favorite catchphrase, or simply add your own creative flair, custom engraving gives you the power to make your new Trayvax wallet truly your own. Element, Ascent, and Contour, can serve your purpose well and satiate your desire to have the perfect wallet flex.

Sprinkles of details for the most trending metal wallets


Trayvax has a wide range of wallets to offer. The Element line by Trayvax is a perfect design that suits your elegant and sober fashion standards. The design of the wallet has an additional flap to store cash, receipts, or even personal notes. It has a very sober, elegant design, and the full-grain leather-coated outlook adds to the traditional look of your man. It fulfills the need to have a captivating luxury accessory with an understated and practical design making these metallic wallets the ultimate need of a man.


Trayvax offers the “Ready-for-any-situation” wallet. The Contour wallet can be a man’s best companion within the city or even if he decides to wander off into the wilderness. Therefore, men who have an outgoing personality and appreciate functional products are the perfect category for this minimalist wallet article by Trayvax.

In short, the men’s metal wallets serve as the perfect functional and fashionable wallet for any man!




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