Themes mill, a PHP development group!

About 80% of websites, including some of the leading ones like Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack and, Yahoo have benefited from the technological use of PHP. Themes mill, being a PHP development group uses the full capacity of PHP to guide businesses towards their way of success.

About Themes mill

Themes mill is registered among the most well recognized top software development companies. Our competent staff members have mastered the skill to create interactive and scalable web solutions of wide variety, that is, from simple web pages to complex enterprise level applications. We have accomplished more than 100 PHP projects and therefore, own the credence to promise our clients that we have the knowledge and tech expertise to implement your boldest ideas.

Our PHP development services

Our company renders complete service to the clients, that is, from the very start till the final and functional framework of the web application. In our experience, the clients find it much more profitable and comfortable when they work with a single vendor with explicit talent and skills in all facets of software development compared with several companies narrowly focused either on front-end or back-end sides. Additionally, it’s harder to manage several providers. Not to brag but by dint of our hard work and dedication we have developed a strong recognition in extensions like healthcaree-learningsports, e-commerce, entertainment, and finance.

An outline of our services

Custom PHP development (from scratch)

Refinement of existing solutions

UI/UX design

Consulting and business analysis

QA and testing

Dedicated teams

Long-term support and maintenance

Migration to the latest PHP version

Professional PHP development group

We have a team of professionals at your dispense who are well-versed in all major modern technologies. For further assistance, the clients are also advised to hire mobile developers to work simultaneously with them. Therefore, absolute cooperation enables us to effectively create mobile solutions that seamlessly connect with PHP- based web services.

Why PHP is useful?

There are various programming languages available to design websites. This language can be tailored according to the demand and purpose of the website. The question is how? Well obviously through PHP web app development services. PHP is a unique programming language for designing websites. Moreover, it is open-source and enables the developers to obtain the relevant scripting code for the specific web pages. This code is then used as a reference in the long run.

Our purpose

Themes mill strives to devise robust solutions with potent business logic for web and mobile applications. Keeping track of the system scalability, we are able to incorporate the most polished services for the seamless operation of the website under any circumstances.

To pursue our mission, we take a proactive approach to comprehend our client’s business and industrial challenges. If you are a startup, we’ll help you enter the market cost-effectively by using MVP/MLP approach. Hence, hire PHP professionals from Themes mill not just for programming but for serving your business goals and needs.





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