Famous Global websites that use PHP

PHP use in Global world  In today’s time, renowned organisations use quite intimidating and large-scale technology stacks. However, people find it hard to believe that PHP is one of these tech stacks that the companies make use of. Yes, indeed, PHP can be employed for big, successful projects. But you’d be surprised. What do rising Fortune 500[…]

How to Build a Career in PHP By Wali Systems

How to Build a Career in PHP If coding is something you enjoy and have a keen interest in web programming, then it is a good head start for you to establish a career in PHP. It definitely is the chosen path for you based on your interest and expertise. Being a PHP developer simply[…]


Is PHP trustworthy? Nowadays, a major cause of dispute is whether PHP web development services are feasible for your business or not. If you have the same question then you are at the right place to have your queries eradicated. There are so many publications by frustrated programmers, used as a means to stress out[…]

Top Practical Applications of PHP and Steps to Carve a Career in the Field: Part II

GUI Based Applications PHP finds one its top practical applications to create desktop Graphical User Interface (GUI) based applications. PHP-GTK 2 and ZZEE PHP GUI are some prominent tools that allow scripting in PHP. They help to compile PHP into.exe that can run on its own. Create Flash Another of the PHP’s top practical applications[…]

Top 4 Practical Applications of PHP and Steps to Carve a Career in the Field

The practical applications of PHP stems from its very provocative feature, flexibility and versatility. PHP is one of the most convenient web programming languages to work with. The meta language of PHP is also quite useful for developers.   Typical Use of PHP A very typical use of PHP is to run websites. However, practical[…]

Some basic WordPress developer tips to remember by Wali Systems

WordPress remains the most popular content management system (CMS) used by over 40% of websites worldwide. It is easy to implement, contains thousands of plugins, and has a vast library of excellent ready-to-use themes, which is why WordPress developers love using it for their sites. This article will discuss some of the vital WordPress developer[…]

The Knowledge You Need to Have Before Using a PHP Framework

PHP and some basic knowledge One of the very first things you should understand prior to using a PHP framework is PHP itself. It wouldn’t be of great help if you lack knowledge about the programming language. It will be a struggle to choose a framework because most of them run with PHP version 7.2 or[…]

Using PHP language increases work efficiency and productivity

Whenever we think about web development, PHP language like HTML, CSS, CodeIgniter etc pops up in our mind. Basically, it could be anything as long as it is related to PHP language. It appears to most of the people that PHP language has died down but this is not true. It’s widely used by sites[…]

Some basic but useful tips for WordPress encryption by Wali Systems

WordPress encryption is among the most well recognised content management system (CMS). It has a user base of about 40% across the world. It is easy to operate, has multiple plugins, and a vast library of excellent ready-to-use themes, because of which WordPress operator love using it for their sites. Our article signifies some of the[…]

Trends of technology development in 2022

Trends of technology development are movingtowards full automation of processes that would improve people’s lives. Working process optimization with the use of frameworks is available even to beginners, which unlike complicated programming languages holds great promise for all developers regardless of the qualification level. There is a lot of PHP frameworks, but their popularity and[…]