Dynamic PHP frameworks used in 2022

Powerhouse of dynamic web development PHP is the powerhouse of web development! It was specifically designed to develop dynamic web applications. PHP tabulation can be associated and assembled with HTML code. However, it can also be used as a standalone programming language. Dynamic properties of PHP PHP is free to download and use. It is[…]

How to Build a Career in PHP By Wali Systems

How to Build a Career in PHP If coding is something you enjoy and have a keen interest in web programming, then it is a good head start for you to establish a career in PHP. It definitely is the chosen path for you based on your interest and expertise. Being a PHP developer simply[…]

Career guide in PHP exclusively by Wali Systems: Part II

There are innumerable opposition that one can pursue by a career in opportunities. This career guide will help strengthen the aims and goals that one wish to achieve via PHP development. Trust us, there’s a lot to explore and look forward to in this field. Hence, the challenges are worth figuring out and the success[…]

Career opportunities in PHP: An exclusive guide by Wali Systems Part I

Principles of pursuing career in PHP  PHP, first released in 1995, is a well known scripting language. Its full form is Hypertext Preprocessor. Danish-Candian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf created this object-oriented and functional programming language. PHP is highly suited for web development because the scripts are executed on the server. Since, the implementation languages of PHP are C and[…]