Trends of technology development in 2022

Trends of technology development are movingtowards full automation of processes that would improve people’s lives.

Working process optimization with the use of frameworks is available even to beginners, which unlike complicated programming languages holds great promise for all developers regardless of the qualification level. There is a lot of PHP frameworks, but their popularity and rating among the programmers are most closely reflected in the following graph:

TOP 5 PHP Frameworks to Learn in 2022

The graph demonstrates the five most sought-after frameworks, which will be popular in 2022; unless, of course, more advanced technologies emerge by the end of 2021, which will become a breakthrough in PHP 2022. However, it is pretty hard to study trends of technologies from a development perspective. But some of them are a huge field for research already, so they are very promising.

PHP programming and Trends of Technology 

PHP language is by far the most demanded for the creation of web resources. It’s not enough to learn how to work in that language, it’s necessary to examine trends of frameworks and assess their prospects.

PHP hasn’t always been among the top languages. It lagged far behind Javascript, but its benefit lies in the ease of use. PHP in 2022 is quite simple, which is why it’s available for use even by beginners in programming. Moreover, it makes programming available almost to everyone, who’s interested in the creation of his programs and websites. The use of frameworks dramatically accelerates and simplifies the development process. Let’s consider top 5 php frameworks, which are worth studying and using in your work.


TOP 5 PHP Frameworks to Learn in 2022

Laravel is quite ancient by standards of technology development as it came out 10 years ago back in 2011. However, even then it is quite high in demand when reviewed for trends of technology. Henceforth, it makes it possible to develop even very complicated sites and structures, which could have been achieved only by rapidly evolving. Thus, this is how Laravel has become the most convenient and advanced tool for app creation.

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