Laravel framework is here to develop functional and modern websites

Open-source PHP framework

There are numerous open-source PHP frameworks available and Laravel framework is one of them. However, users have experienced glitches while working with them.

Therefore, Laravel framework is free of any functionality problems due to which users feel comfortable while using it as a PHP development framework.

Why choose Laravel framework?

Let’s have a microscopic look into what Laravel framework actually is and why it is useful as a PHP developing template.

  • A quick and functional core that can be extended
  • Clean and simple routing
  • Effective ORM and database layer
  • Easy integration with third-party libraries (AWS, export libs, etc.). You can use Composer or Packagist to include libraries in your project
  • Moreover, it has active and growing community that can provide quick support and answers
  • Supporting unit tests out of the box
  • Async queue and background jobs for the long running tasks

Laravel framework Routing

Laravel framework offers amazing routing. IN addition, it is very easy for users to group route, develop resources for CRUD pages, put filters, automatically connect to parameters on request.

Laravel framework Core

The Laravel Kernel is an IoC pattern which allows customization and rewriting of any specific part of the framework like, request, logging, authentication, so on and so forth. Moreover, Laravel framework has been designed by merging the features of previous frameworks.

Nested routes are a very useful feature:

Versioning can be implemented as a group on the top level for all nested routes by using the ‘v1’ prefix. Therefore, when we change the API version, we can retain the old one and use the ‘v2’ prefix to start implementation of routes with new code and logic, i.e., new references to controllers and actions.

So, it can be confidently stated that Laravel is among those PHP frameworks that enable users to develop functional PHP-based websites.


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