A comprehensive comparison between Laravel & Symfony

When it comes to web development PHP frameworks are the most frequently chosen solution. You can find many PHP frameworks in the market, but Laravel & Symfony are the most popular of this kind through web developers.

Laravel & Symfony – basics information about both frameworks

Laravel is an open-source framework that follows a model-view-controller design pattern. It reuses existing components of different frameworks to create a web application. It also consists of basic features of PHP frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter, or Ruby on Rails. If you have a good knowledge of Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will occur for you so much easier. It is well-known for the simple coding approaching and reducing the development time framework, which is great for developing a simple PHP application.

Symfony – this framework also bases on open-source PHP projects like Propel, Doctrine, PHPUnit, Twig, and Swift Mailer. Despite the fact, that it has its components like Symfony YAML, Symfony Event Dispatcher, Symfony Dependency Injector, and Symfony Templating. Since 2005 Symfony risen as a more and more reliable and mature framework. It is mainly used for complex enterprise projects.


The first one is the most obvious – Laravel & Symfony both use PHP as their programming language.

They are cross-platform, which means that they are computer software that is implemented on multiple computing platforms.

It is worth mentioning that both are multi-user and multi-language content. Laravel & Symfony provide the scaffolding of the application, pattern for interfaces and support text search.


Despite some similarities connecting these two frameworks, we are definitely able to point out differences too.

Symfony might be named as conventional PHP language – it could be modified to C# or Java, but of course, it consists of unique and one of a kind elements which make it outstanding. In 2021 Laravel appeared as the most popular PHP framework. It relies more on magic methods and traits. This makes the code shorter and the whole framework easier to understand. Symfony is designed for a bit larger-scale or more complex projects containing huge features and used by a significant number of clients. At the same time, Laravel is related to the MVC design pattern, which was aforementioned.

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