Some basic PHP factors that are important to understand by developers

It is important for modern times developers to thoroughly understand the basic PHP factors. They play pivotal role in designing PHP based website or application. Therefore, before a PHP developer designs something, he or she should have basic knowledge of the following: HTML CSS Javascript What is PHP? PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”.[…]

Make use of PHP in the best possible way

There are some famous global websites that have put PHP to its best use! Therefore, let us know how PHP is supporting these famous websites to work functionally and progressively. PHP use in Global world  In today’s time, renowned organisations use quite intimidating and large-scale technology stacks. However, people find it hard to believe that[…]

The most popular programming languages of 2022

Popular Programming Languages of 2022 Java– Java is an open source programming language. Currently, it is quite popular among developers. It is used to develop server-side applications. Moreover, this language has mainly been popular due to its distinct use in developing web applications. In addition, it is also useful to develop applications for mobile and[…]

A review of new and popular PHP frameworks for beginners

This review to some of the newly created and most popular PHP frameworks allows developers to decide which one is worth learning. Undoubtedly, it creates better understanding of using them for web development projects. Yii 2 The review of this PHP program will illuminate that it is a high-performance PHP framework. Yii2 equips its users[…]

4 amazing things in which you can use PHP!

In this post you will find some very amazing examples of how you can use PHP besides creating web pages. User Authentication User authentication is among the staple programming utilities of web security. If you are developing web applications then it will be a smart choice to use PHP. This is because there are high chances that you[…]


What is a PHP Developer? In simple words PHP Developer is a person who is skilled to develop applications, programs, and websites. The person should use dynamic scripting language termed as PHP. This sounds quite an easy task, right? Sometimes, PHP developers are referred to by more generic titles. For example, “software developer” or “web[…]

Classic Errors that can be made by PHP developers while making a web application

A lot of classic mistakes can be made while drafting PHP based websites. For starters, you may find this list a bit exhaustive. However, it points out some of the most classic mistakes made by PHP development companies. Classic mistakes of PHP developers Focusing on wrong end-users This is a classic error! Consumers tend to[…]

Is Mass Collaboration real or a myth?

Is Mass Collaboration a myth? The internet has put us into this false notion that everything is being globally collaborated. People think that the internet has super modified collective intelligence. Moreover, it is believed that humans are allowed to increase mass level collaboration. Mass collaboration is superficial It is commonly believed that internet has produced[…]


An innovative approach to development We can acclaim two development approaches irrespective of the programming language. For developing a project there are two types of code required. The code which is most frequently required is the generic code and it is specific to the application. The other name which can be used interchangeably for the[…]

Laravel & Symfony: Which is the best PHP framework to be used in 2022?

When it comes to web development PHP frameworks are the most frequently chosen solution. You can find many PHP frameworks in the market, but Laravel & Symfony are the most popular of this kind through web developers. Laravel & Symfony – basics information about both frameworks Laravel is an open-source framework that follows a model-view-controller[…]