Classic Errors that can be made by PHP developers while making a web application

A lot of classic mistakes can be made while drafting PHP based websites. For starters, you may find this list a bit exhaustive. However, it points out some of the most classic mistakes made by PHP development companies. Classic mistakes of PHP developers Focusing on wrong end-users This is a classic error! Consumers tend to[…]

Is Mass Collaboration real or a myth?

Is Mass Collaboration a myth? The internet has put us into this false notion that everything is being globally collaborated. People think that the internet has super modified collective intelligence. Moreover, it is believed that humans are allowed to increase mass level collaboration. Mass collaboration is superficial It is commonly believed that internet has produced[…]

PHP language can elevate your work efficiency and productivity

Whenever we think about web development, PHP language like HTML, CSS, CodeIgniter etc pops up in our mind. Basically, it could be anything as long as it is related to PHP language. It appears to most of the people that PHP language has died down but this is not true. It’s widely used by sites[…]

PhpStorm: A simple and functional way to do general web development

PhpStorm or PHP 8.2? The newest version of PHP, PHP 8.2, has been released quite recently. However, you might not observe it from a minor sight but the changes are very few. There are no major breaking changes and only deprecation notices added. Therefore , it’ll be alright to say that if you’re looking for[…]

PHP Development can be the business booster you are in search of!

When it comes to developing dynamic web solutions, PHP Development instinctively hits the forefront of our minds. Undoubtedly, PHP is a leading development technology that has strived the competition to become one of the most widely used platforms for designing exceptionally functional websites and web applications. Be it a small business initiative or a massive,[…]

PHP is a web program that can manage all the desired aspects of developers and the websites they create

Is PHP trustworthy? Nowadays, a major cause of dispute is whether PHP web development services are feasible for your business or not. If you have the same question then you are at the right place to have your queries eradicated. There are so many publications by frustrated programmers, used as a means to stress out[…]

Laravel & Symfony: Which is the best PHP framework to be used in 2022?

When it comes to web development PHP frameworks are the most frequently chosen solution. You can find many PHP frameworks in the market, but Laravel & Symfony are the most popular of this kind through web developers. Laravel & Symfony – basics information about both frameworks Laravel is an open-source framework that follows a model-view-controller[…]

Old is gold: Some Interesting Resources Every PHP Developer Should Read

Are you an expert in PHP, or perhaps just a newbie trying to figure things out? Regardless of where you’re coming from, not only is there always a lot more to learn about any programming language, quite often there are resources that are simply exceptional to the developer. Hence, it should be consumed by as[…]

Famous Global websites that use PHP

PHP use in Global world  In today’s time, renowned organisations use quite intimidating and large-scale technology stacks. However, people find it hard to believe that PHP is one of these tech stacks that the companies make use of. Yes, indeed, PHP can be employed for big, successful projects. But you’d be surprised. What do rising Fortune 500[…]

Neutralinojs lets you build lightweight applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Build once with JavaScript Run on Linux, Windows, macOS, Web, and Chrome Browser. You are reading it right! Now you can build lightweight and portable applications by using Neutralinojs. This framework lets you build lightweight cross-platform desktop applications. To do so you can use JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Moreover, you can extend Neutralinojs with any[…]