Laravel framework: A Highlight of new PHP development trends

Laravel is one of the infamous PHP frameworks. It has been successful to surpass many frameworks by an order of magnitude. In addition, it is open-source too. Also, the framework is specifically designed for creating web apps. The Laravel framework accomplishes this with a powerful system of built-in features and an intricate host of libraries.

Trends in Laravel framework development


Security is a big concern for any framework. Therefore, Laravel developers have modified their security protocols. They are continuously looking into better ways to protect internet content. However, laravel is still quite a functional tool. It provides an authentication system. It makes use of tokens to secure users and protects them against unauthorized access while logged in. It also allows you to define roles and permissions through the configuration file or command line interface (CLI).

Quick Application Development

This is highlight of another feature. Laravel developers can use it to build applications in less time. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about the complex accessories and APIs needed for creating applications. Laravel framework provides an alternative path to users to do the same functions with less fret and hassle. Undoubtedly, it saves time and money for developers as they don’t need to hire someone else to do these tasks for them.

IoT With Laravel

This feature marks is the hallmark of progressive future. It shows that the Laravel framework is oriented towards innovative solutions. IoT rises from the idea that things can collect and exchange data without human intervention. It is a project which make an open source system. It allows developers to create applications which can interact with physical devices in real-time.


Reliability is one of the critical criteria for any application, especially in web applications where users expect their data to be available even after an outage or crash. Reliability has become more acute because of the exponential growth in connected devices available on the internet today.


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