4 amazing things in which you can use PHP!

In this post you will find some very amazing examples of how you can use PHP besides creating web pages. User Authentication User authentication is among the staple programming utilities of web security. If you are developing web applications then it will be a smart choice to use PHP. This is because there are high chances that you[…]

Top Practical Applications of PHP and Steps to Carve a Career in the Field

GUI Based Applications PHP finds one its top practical applications to create desktop Graphical User Interface (GUI) based applications. PHP-GTK 2 and ZZEE PHP GUI are some prominent tools that allow scripting in PHP. They help to compile PHP into.exe that can run on its own. Create Flash Another of the PHP’s top practical applications[…]

The necessity of multi-line short closures in PHP

PHP 8.1 is already touching the sky but there is this one feature which really gets a toll on PHP developers. This is multi-line short closures. The RFC calls them “Auto-capturing multi-statement closures” but I hope you don’t mind me using the somewhat shorter name. PHP 8.1. Version If you’re using an active version of PHP[…]

Laravel or Drupal 8: Which one is better to meet PHP development demands in 2022?

What does Drupal 8 do that Laravel does not? What are the key key functionalities, that are present in Drupal 8, does a PHP developer have to build from scratch in Laravel? Also, will it benefit in any way to opt for Laravel? In short: Laravel or Drupal 8? Well according to some it’s like[…]

Three substitutes to PHP for web development in 2022

PHP is one of the most popular server-side programming languages. So, seeing PHP as the go-to language for web development isn’t a surprise. Yet, there are many people that still wonder if it’s the best choice for their projects. There are numerous reasons for that, which explain why they are looking for better substitutes. The[…]

What Factors To Look for in a PHP Framework?

What Should You Look for in a PHP Framework? Following is a review of some factors that should be considered as a top priority by PHP programmers. First of all, if you’re newly acquainting with PHP framework, make sure that the learning curve isn’t very steep. It will be difficult to grasp understanding about a[…]

Classic Errors that can be made by PHP developers while making a web application

A lot of classic mistakes can be made while drafting PHP based websites. For starters, you may find this list a bit exhaustive. However, it points out some of the most classic mistakes made by PHP development companies. Classic mistakes of PHP developers Focusing on wrong end-users This is a classic error! Consumers tend to[…]

Is Mass Collaboration real or a myth?

Is Mass Collaboration a myth? The internet has put us into this false notion that everything is being globally collaborated. People think that the internet has super modified collective intelligence. Moreover, it is believed that humans are allowed to increase mass level collaboration. Mass collaboration is superficial It is commonly believed that internet has produced[…]

PHP Development can be the business booster you are in search of!

When it comes to developing dynamic web solutions, PHP Development instinctively hits the forefront of our minds. Undoubtedly, PHP is a leading development technology that has strived the competition to become one of the most widely used platforms for designing exceptionally functional websites and web applications. Be it a small business initiative or a massive,[…]

An Overview of Trends of Technology in 2022!

Trends of technology development are movingtowards full automation of processes that would improve people’s lives. Working process optimization with the use of frameworks is available even to beginners, which unlike complicated programming languages holds great promise for all developers regardless of the qualification level. There is a lot of PHP frameworks, but their popularity and rating among[…]